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I really thought writing about my experiences growing up an American-born Korean would be cathartic, but I was wrong. Since 2020, at the height of the quarantine memes, when the world was hyper focused on issues of race and the #BlackLivesMatter movement, a mix of emotions has ravaged my heart and mind. The same mix of emotions when I read coverage of the Derek Chauvin trial, where experts continue to testify the excessive nature of the force used in arresting George Floyd. The bubbling stew of anger and sadness that steams within me when I see report after report of…

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When you think of career advice and career trajectories, you think of job titles. You start as an entry level busy bee, then move onto some junior level projects, eventually being rewarded as a senior with some managerial responsibilities, which then translate to upper management opportunities. But there’s more than one way to slice the onion called “career”. What if your career is defined by the niche talents and unique situations you’ve faced while working? What if your career is defined by the software and tools you used to accomplish the job rather than the schooling and certificates you complete?

With a global pandemic throwing a lot of uncertainty onto 2020 and the near future, you may have noticed that businesses are evolving to meet the need for planned, contactless sales and operations. Whether it’s an increase in curbside pickup or doorstep delivery services, to digital delivery of major motion pictures (i.e. Trolls World Tour), society is forced to deal with a present reality that may spell final doom for brick and mortar. In comes the latest Playstation 5, and a clear sign Sony is beginning to test the waters of a discless, cartridge-less world.

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Although this release presser was…

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